Welcome to Our Practice


Our practice has separate well and sick areas with separate waiting rooms. We are continuing to see all children for well and sick visits but have altered our schedule so that well and sick children are scheduled at different times and for different wings of our office. We are cleaning the rooms between visits. We are making sure that patients enter and leave through separate doors to minimize contact between patients. We are asking patients to call from the parking lot to ensure they enter through the right entrance that will minimize contact with other patients. Please limit the number of people who come to the visit.

Free Testing for Asymptomatic Patients

Free testing is available at several sites in Montgomery County.  See: https://data-montcopa.opendata.arcgis.com/pages/covid-testing-page  Registration for same day testing starts at 8:30am. If this link doesn't work for you, simply copy and paste into your browser.

We are utilizing Telemedicine. This is where we connect with you by phone if you have "Facetime" capabilities. During the Covid19 pandemic, we are using this as a way to keep some people home and out of the hospital/office. There are, of course, limitations as to what we can do, but we are trying it out. Just let us know if this might work for you.

A Fantastic Parenting Reference for these times at home: The New York Times published a fantastic reference and tips for parents section for those of us stuck at home with children. "Pandemic Parenting": https://www.nytimes.com/issue/...

Free COVID-19 Testing for asymptomatic patients is provided for Montgomery County can be scheduled at https://data-montcopa.opendata...  Registration for same day testing opens at 8:30AM.

Welcome to Ambler Pediatrics, Your Pediatrician in Ambler, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Ambler Pediatrics’ web site! Because we provide family centered care for infants, children and adolescents, we have created this site as an information source for parents. You will find a wide variety of articles on healthier living, educational tools, special local events, and other healthcare issues. And of course, links to other sites of interest to parents of young children.

Founded in 1982, Ambler Pediatrics is affiliated with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Abington Memorial Hospital. We admit patients to other Pediatric Hospitals, such as St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children or the Dupont Medical Center, when requested by parents or for special services. Ambler Pediatrics currently participates with all known insurance carriers operating in our area, more than 550 insurance companies. To see our waiting room, hover over the last link.

Our practice consists of two Board Certified Pediatricians, two Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, nurses and office staff. We are conveniently located in Ambler on Bethlehem Pike and easily accessible from many areas in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. For directions to our office by auto or public transportation, see below.

Note that our office is on the ground floor of our building, and is accessible to patients in wheel chairs and stretchers. There are separate waiting rooms and examination rooms for sick and well children and their families.

The Telephone and Doctor Availability

Our office has not established a set time for telephone calls, preferring to permit you to call whenever you feel a need. However, it would help everyone if you would call at the beginning of office hours if you think we may need to see your child.  Please call between 9:00 and 11:00 AM if possible.  However, if you have a question or a problem that cannot wait, please do not hesitate to call at any other time.  The providers always carry a phone and can be reached at any time, 24 hours a day. In an emergency the doctor or PNP will speak to you immediately.  Under other circumstances, you may be asked to speak with a nurse or other appropriate staff member.  If you wish to speak with a particular provider, who is with a patient, the nurse or receptionist will request your name and telephone number, and that person will call you back as soon as possible. There is no charge for telephone consultation.

After hours, or whenever we are not in the office, our calls are routed by a computerized answering system that will call the physician if you have a medical emergency.  Simply dial the office telephone number, (215) 643‑7771, and the tape will explain how the system works. You have the option of leaving your name and telephone number after a beep, in which case the system will signal the physician-on-call immediately. If for any reason you are not called back within ten minutes, please call again. This would indicate that we were not able to understand your number, or your cell phone did not have a clear connection.

If you are ever in a situation when you do not feel you can safely wait for a return call from our office, call 911. If your child has possibly ingested a toxic substance, call Poison Control immediately. The telephone number is (800) 222-1222. You might want to put this number in your speed dial or keep it on your refrigerator.

For less urgent matters, you may find it more efficient to communicate with us via email. Our email address is [email protected] or you can use the form available from the menu button.

What Does It Mean To Be Your Medical Home?

A Medical Home is where your pediatric team knows you and your children best. Your health care providers listen to your concerns and those about your children. Your team will work in partnership with you to make sure that the medical needs of your family and your child are met in the most quality, economic and efficient way, respectful of your special needs, culture and traditions. Your Medical Home should be your first call for any pediatric health related issue, at any time. Beware of using a walk in clinic - They are not staffed by Pediatric providers, use adult drugs with adult doses, and do not have the back up of pediatric specialists.